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We love to hike and work on our beloved trails, and we want you to join us. You can check us out through several hikes with us, or you can join first by clicking on the Join button on our home page. Please contact the hike leader ahead of time if you’re not a member.

Please browse our web site to see other activities you might like. We’re a non-profit with no paid staff, so we depend on volunteers to keep our club going. We would welcome your help!

Max Patch Rehabilitation 2019

The 2019 CMC National Trails Day was considered an overwelming success.

On Saturday June 1st, 84 individuals arrived at Max Patch and accomplished the following.

  • 27 locust steps
  • 10 locust check dams with gravel fill
  • 200 feet of locust fencing
  • 250 feet of snow fencing
  • 15 water diversions installed
  • 100 steps hardened with gravel fill
  • 600 feet of tread rehabbed
  • 200 ft of rhododendrons thinned
  • Kiosk platform built and filled with gravel
  • 14 signs installed

Why Knot - Get Together at Sierra Navada

Join us over a beer and maybe dinner for a fun interactive way to learn about tying knots! Why Knot Get Together gatherings allows hikers and hike leaders to learn how to tie a
few useful knots for camping or survival skills. CMC maintainer and instructor Bill Sanderson will demonstrate using medium size braided cord. We will have some rope you can use to practice.  There will be a limited number 7mm cord of 6’ lengths to purchase for $3, or you can bring your own braided cord 6’ 6mm – 10 mm braided cord.

Come join us for all or some of our 4 meeting dates. We will meet on the back patio near the first set of stairs as you go around back from the parking lot (left-hand side of the building).

When: the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of June and July from 6:00-7:00  June 12 and 26, 2019 and July 10 and 24, 2019

Education Outreach Committee - Questions, contact Jan at

White Fringed Phacelia

White Fringed Phacelia

The trail in bloom at Walnut Bottom (Big Creek in GSMNP. Photo by Daisy Karasek.

  • White Fringed Phacelia

    The trail in bloom at Walnut Bottom (Big Creek in GSMNP. Photo by Daisy Karasek.

  • Jack in the Pulpit

    Photo by Elaine Tennen - Jack in the Pulpit 2019 on the Laurel Fork to Jocasse Lake.

  • Bloodroot

    Photo by Dennis Bass

  • Trout Lilly

    Photo by Dick Zimmerer. The flower is a Trout Lily. Photo was taken April 7,2019 on a hike Dick led called “Big Creek" - the Big Creek in the Mills River Recreation Area with the trailhead at Trace Ridge..

  • Blue Bead Lily

    Photo by Dennis Bass Blue Bead Lily (aka yellow bead lily because of the yellow flower which precedes the blue beads.

  • Hard to See

    Dick Zimmerer, the perfect camouflage for hiding and so easy to miss. Spring 2019 along the Trace Ridge Trail.

  • Turkey Pen

    Photo by Judy Magura - Spring Flowers in Turkey Pen, early signs of Spring 2019

  • Indian Pipe

    Photo by Dennis Bass